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Install Nucleus

This script will help you to install Nucleus. It will set up your MySQL database tables and provide you with the information you need to enter in config.php. In order to do all this, you need to enter some information.

All fields are mandatory. Optional information can be set from the Nucleus admin-area when installation is completed.


Choose a language to use.
Choose language

Character Set

Choose a character set to use. Recommend UTF-8.
Choose character set
Character Set

PHP & MySQL Versions

Below are the version numbers of the PHP interpreter and the MySQL server on your webhost. When reporting problems on the Nucleus Support Forum, please include this information.

MySQL Login Data

Enter your MySQL data below. This install script needs it to be able to create and fill your database tables. Afterwards, you'll also need to fill it out in config.php.

If you don't know this information, contact your system administrator for more info. Often, the hostname will be 'localhost'. If Nucleus found a 'default MySQL host' in the PHP settings of your server, this host is already listed in the 'hostname' field. There's no guarantee that this information is correct, though.

General Database Settings
Advanced Database Settings

Unless you're installing multiple Nucleus installations in one single database and know what you're doing, you really shouldn't change this.

All database tables generated by Nucleus will start with this prefix.

Directories and URLs

This install script has attempted to find out the directories and URLs in which Nucleus is installed. Please check the values below and correct if necessary. The URLs and file paths should end with a slash.

URLs and directories

(this is where imported skins can place their extra files)

(this is where imported skins can place their extra files)

(absolute location of the action.php file)

Note: Use absolute paths instead of relative paths. Usually, an absolute path will start with something like /home/username/public_html/. On Unix systems (most servers), paths should start with a slash. If you have trouble filling out this information, you should ask your administrator what to fill out.

Administrator User

Below, you need to enter some information to create the first user of your site.

Administrator User
(allowed characters: a-z and 0-9, spaces allowed inside)
(needs to be a valid e-mail address)

Weblog Data

Below, you need to enter some information to create a default weblog. The name of this weblog will also be used as name for your site

Weblog Data
(allowed characters: a-z and 0-9, no spaces allowed)


Verify the data above, and click the button below to set up your database tables and initial data. This can take a while, so have patience. ONLY CLICK THE BUTTON ONCE !